Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hi again

We're in Sukhothai, the old Thai capital (another one). Lots to see here so we will stay a couple of days. This will also give the legs a chance to recover before the hills start.
It's still hot - someone said that athletes adjust better to the heat but I am pretty certain this is a lie. Or perhaps we are just not athletic enough - guess we will have to do some more biking.
It was 133km to Kamphaeng Phet where we spent a day looking around some more ruins/temples. Had the place to ourselves which was great. Today we came 85km north through the best scenery we have had so far, and on the quietest roads. Only 100 scooters a minute that means, and only 2 disemboweled dogs. Road kill has been our most rewarding view of Thai wildlife thus far. There has been an assortment of snakes, frogs, lizards, dogs, and birds. Much easier to look at than the swift moving live variety.
Getting a sore arm from waving at all the locals that call out "HELLO". We attract our fair share of attention. Not too many close calls with dogs yet, only a couple of half hearted chasers. Most are too hot or malnourished to care.
There is a pool at the guesthouse where we are staying so that is where we will be if you need anything.
Claud and Damien


Jonathan FB said...

can't wait to hear if dog repellant is successful!

Barbara said...

Hi dear madpersons in Asia. It looks very nice though. Amazing what can be done with technology, photos etc appear by magic and so on. (I'm talking about this website)
Please do not get heat stroke, avoid live snakes, and eat plenty. You would have thought of none of this without these kind words of caution.

Onwards to Peking, those of intrepidity!!
LOL, Richard.

margaretlouise said...

Hi guys!
What an awesome trip so far. I went to Bangkok and Ayutthaya (which I LOVED), didn't make it to Sukhothai though. Thanks for sharing the link on facebook Claud, was wondering what you were up to. Will keep an eye on your progress! Ryan and I are currently travelling Scotland, by bus. It's beautiful but cold - no heatrash for me! And I think some massive flood warning has just been issued... Lots of love xxx Margaret

Mike said...

Good work guys keep charging!!! I look foward to another update. Also be careful of those monkeys - they're way more vicous than they look.