Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Food, food, glorious food!

Kia Ora

Just had our last day in Chiang Mai. It was very food oriented and seemed to be worthy of a post. We headed out to a small restaurant for lunch that gave us the best meal since arriving in the city. It turned out to be the one we were looking for last night but could not find - every time we set out to go somewhere specific or buy something in particular they are highly ellusive but we always stumble upon something great when we have no plan.
For lunch we had our recent staple, a local curry called Kao Soi, which is a red curry soup with egg noodle in it and crispy noodles on top - very tasty. And of course Phad Thai, along with a couple of mangos on sticky rice with coconut milk, an espresso, and a hot ginger tea. All were fantastic, and all for under $6! We were very reluctant to leave as the rest of the menu looked highly tempting but we could hardly move from fullness, so called it a day.
Then to walk off our meal and maybe work up another appetite we headed for the local food market. Starting out in the vege section we put our cooking class into action and identified a few random vegetables, such as fresh kaffir limes (which look like a green brain), galangal, and ear mushrooms. The colours were amazing and it is just a fun place to walk around and to see what people are buying. Of course half of it we have no idea what it is. Then it was onto the meat section, which was a little disturbing, from the whole skinned duck and pigs head covered in flies, to the abominable stink of the dried fish area.
Wish we had some facilities to stock up and cook up a storm but there is only so much you can create when your kitchen is a Leatherman and the deck.
Felt like we had to put something in about today's wicked culinary experiences, and look forward to sharing the recipes with those of you who we identify as having checked our blog sufficiently (this will be an arbitrary and likely inequitable calculation).
Much love and fine dining, D and C


QUEEN BEE : ) said...

Hey you two well bloody done i cant believe how quick the time has gone.I also cant wait to have you round for dinner to try your culinary skills on myself and my better half.I have a cast iron gut so no probs if all fails i only did FEAR FACTOR once and that was lambs brain and fish heads mmmmmm yummu yummy i want food in my tummy.Take care loving the stories QB xoxox

Barbara said...

All that for $6!!! Here we get one espresso for $6! You're in the right part of the world...
Love the photos thanks - you look radiant Claudia - all the exercise is clearly not doing you any obvious harm! Well done!
Big Hugs - Mum xx

Barbara said...

It all looks so good guys, and so exercisative, and foody. I hope you are also enjoying the journey, not just the recalling of it! STay well and happy.

meredith said...

hey claud! you two are my heroes! good effort! what an incredible thing to do with your lives! and thailand is so beautiful!!

sorry i havent written sooner - my computer is incredibly slow!

very glad neither of you have been bitten or licked by anything rabid. keep it that way yes?

by the way is there anything in particular you or d want from bolivia?

love lots and lots
meredith xxoo

Ruth, John & boys said...

Hi there guys
Great to hear from you and now that there is an incentive to write re your cooking, here I am. so good to hear of your good times, great food, fun travel. I have vivid memories of chang mai in 1981 (just a wee while ago, I think I was only 2 when I was there). Loved the images of those misty hills, and colourful food.
Hope it continues to go well - we are thinking of you
Lots of love

bakes said...

hey guys. Having probs with this site recognising me. Will try again. Hugs an best wishes