Monday, October 8, 2007

Our inaugural post

A trip overseas was inevitable but the specifics were unfathomable. Where do you go when you’ve got the whole world to choose from? We wanted to have a journey and a purpose – travel for travel’s sake didn’t appeal. Someone (not Damien) suggested some biking. The other half quickly agreed. Someone suggested an epic. The world map was consulted at length. Asia was settled on, people were told, and it quickly snowballed out of control. Before we knew it we were biking from Bangkok to Beijing (what better premise to base a bike ride on than alliteration?).

Easy. But this was 18 months ago. Now, with three weeks until we leave, it’s slowly dawning on us that we ACTUALLY have to do this. So we’ve created some semblance of organisation:

  • We’ve been vaccinated against every disease known to man (except the ones that matter, like bird flu and SARS)
  • We’ve (and this term is used loosely) researched, bought, and assembled thousands of cogs, tubes, and cables into two functional shiny bikes
  • We’ve saved our pennies like our wee lives depended on it, which they will
  • And we’ve read screeds of literature – we’ve got our route planned down to the last pothole. Except for Vietnam which we’ve seen on a map but that’s about it

So on the 30th of October, 2007, we will be departing the Land of the Long White Cloud and heading for the Land of Smiles. We’ll use this website to update you on our progress, show you some photos, and try not to gloat too much about what we're doing and you're not.

Love from Claudia and Damien

P.S. Our travel consultant advised us to create a photographic poo diary – thanks for that Mike, be sure to stay tuned.

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