Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Howdy all

We made it to Bangkok pretty much unscathed. After a slightly frightening moment when Thai Airways did not want to let us leave NZ because we don't have a ticket home, we did eventually make it onto the plane (this involved a trip to an 'official's' office in the depths of the airport to prove our worth).

Today we walked for a fair distance to the Laos Embassy to get our visa. That was a wholly successful trip without getting lost, ordering first 'real' meal by means of pointing, and running across some terrifying 8 lane roads. Ped Xings are there but for show only.

Now we have to try to figure out how to get out of town tomorrow on the bikes. So far we have no map, and no idea where we are headed other than north. We are on the east of town so thats a start...

Wish us luck
Love Claud and Damien


Mirrol said...

Glad you made it into Bangkok, hope you make it out!! Did you get my gmail about the insurance?,Love,M

Wellington, New Zealand said...

Hey Guys. Interesting times. I'm pleased I have a ticket out now. Very good.

Will seeya in a few weeks all going well.